How to clean the kettle scum?

Morning tea gives us a rhythm for a few hours ahead, invigorates, sets up a working mood. The use of this drink during the hours of dawn was a kind of habit. But once every fan of tea have to deal with unpleasant problem: scaling on his favorite teapot. And the question arises: how to clean the kettle from scale?
The first thing to do is to determine what your type of teapot. After all, for every pot, there are various methods of descaling.

If you have a copper kettle, then never use steel wool for cleaning, as they may scratch the copper and further spoil the appearance of the kettle. Descaling at a teapot, use vinegar or citric acid. Clear maker with vinegar, you can: Add 100 ml of water and vinegar to boil, then pour the mixture and thoroughly rinse the kettle. How to Clean a Coffee Maker citric acid: one tablespoon of citric acid in 1 liter of water, boil, leave for the night, in the morning wash kettle. For particularly difficult cases using the following method: mix vinegar or citric acid with sodium chloride is heated kettle, gently wipe the copper and leave for ten minutes, then rinse thoroughly and remains dry with a clean cloth.

The easiest way to clean stainless steel kettles: just wash them tough side sponge, without fear that the tea will be scratched. If the stains are corrosive, you can add bleach. Also, save special cleaners for metal utensils.

Just as copper kettle, a porcelain or enameled scratch pretty easily, so you should not use them for abrasive cleaners. You can clean a kettle from scale vinegar (0.5 tablespoons) or citric acid (1 tablespoon) and soda (1 tablespoon). If does not work, use bleach to remove ingrained stains.
That’s such a simple way, you can easily clean up your favorite tea from different spots, scale, and it will again delight you with their attractive

How to clean a keyboard on a laptop

Cleaning laptop keyboard is mandatory preventive operation that can significantly extend the life of the equipment. If you carry out this procedure on a regular basis, then it will not take much time and effort. But if too “run” your technique, then it may become necessary cleaning and even replacement keyboard.

Dust – this is the main enemy of any notebook. Experts recommend to carry out its “spring cleaning” not less than once every two years. Much attention should be paid exactly the keyboard, because in addition to dust it often clogged with crumbs and other small particles. And if in the case of a personal home computer broken keyboard can be bought for a hundred rubles, to repair the laptop will need a lot more money.

To remove dust, do not necessarily know how to disassemble the laptop keyboard. If the contamination is not strong, then you can remove it without removing the key. In this case the vacuum cleaner will. They should use caution, as the flow of air can suck bad enshrined keys. Vacuum cleaner will help get rid of dust and crumbs that are often clogged between the keys, and can cause malfunctions. See for yourself, after the clean laptop keyboard, that she was to work better.

Remove fingerprints and other contaminants will also be easy. It is better to use a special tool for cleaning appliances. It shall not include harsh chemicals that can damage the contacts of the keyboard. Do not use alcohol to clean the key solutions – contacts they do not hurt, but the paint with the letters may well be erased. Do not forget that before you clean a laptop keyboard, you need to disconnect it.
Deeper cleaning can be done, if you remove the key from the keyboard. The work is painstaking. To remove a button, you need to gently pry it with a screwdriver. You can then blow open the inner keyboard jet of compressed air.

There are special kits designed for the care of keyboards. They usually include wipes for keys, a special brush and cleanser. In principle, all these things can be replaced with materials at hand. So, instead of brushes it is possible to use a soft paint brush with a long nap, and instead of napkins – any of nonwoven cloth. Cleaning solution may be prepared independently of keys on the basis of isopropyl alcohol.

There are times when ordinary cleaning laptop keyboard do not succeed, for example, if you have filled it with juice. Here it is necessary to completely disassemble the keyboard and wash it with a special solution. This operation is better to spend in the service center. Masters, after disassemble laptop keyboard, will diagnose and found not damaged contact track. If the damage was severe, contacts oxidized, then maybe have to buy new parts for your laptop.

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